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Klarismo uses an ultra-fast MRI scan to deliver precise quantification of fat and muscle tissue within hours.


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King’s College London Imanova ISEH CHHP University of Westminster

Precise quantification of key biomarkers

  • Visceral Adipose Tissue
  • Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue
  • Torso muscle
  • Illiacus and Psoas muscle
  • Upper leg muscle
  • Lower leg muscle

Accurate, affordable and direct

Healthcare systems around the world are faced with an epidemic of metabolic and obesity related diseases. Accurate and direct measurement of body composition has been prohibitively expensive in the past, forcing clinicians and researchers to use indirect and inaccurate metrics such as BMI or waist circumference to assess a subject’s disease risk. Klarismo’s unique ability to analyze body composition from MRI data completely automatically makes direct fat and muscle measurements affordable and scalable in clinical practice and research projects.

Universally available

The Klarismo body composition analysis uses a 2-point Dixon technique and may be performed on 1.5T or 3T systems from GE (LAVA Flex required) and Siemens without the need for any additional coils or software.

Multiple protocols - one precise analysis

Klarismo can provide accurate and fast analysis of whole body MRI data acquired with a number of different protocols. At this time we support the following protocols for fully automated analysis


  • 2-point Dixon
  • Whole-body or neck-to-knee
  • 1.5T or 3T, GE or Siemens
  • 3mm slices throughout

UK Biobank

  • 2-point Dixon
  • Neck-to-knee
  • 1.5T Siemens
  • 3mm slices, 6mm in abdomen


  • 2-point Dixon
  • Whole-body
  • 1.5T or 3T, GE or Siemens
  • 1.5T or 3T Philips
  • 3mm slices throughout

Other compatible protocols

Other protocols may also be supported by our analysis pipeline.
If you have existing data in another format please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Automation with machine learning

Klarismo uses advanced machine learning techniques and computer vision algorithms to analyze whole body scans without any manual intervention.

Our unique automation enables Klarismo to scale easily to process 1000s of scans in parallel while ensuring highly precise and repeatable results.


Klarismo is able to offer highly competitive prices and fast turnaround for bulk analysis of whole body imaging data. Detailed costs will need to be established on a case by case basis.

Get in touch to discuss your detailed requirements.

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