Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule your scan up to 7 days in advance of the scheduled time. If you cancel, we will issue a full refund to the payment method you used within 10 working days. To cancel, please click the “Cancel” link in your booking confirmation. To reschedule, email us at

Please read the MRI safety information in your booking confirmation email closely and let us know immediately at if there are any potential issues with scanning you at your scheduled site. If you are unable to be scanned for a safety reason, and you did not inform us at least 7 days prior to your scan, no refund will be possible.

We will not issue refunds for cancellations after the 7 day notice period or scans that you miss, arrive late to, or have already attended. Therefore, please endeavour to arrive on time for your scan and inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to make your scheduled scan time.

This Cancellation Policy was last updated on September 16, 2015.